Inspiration Week

Inspiration Week

What inspires us? What motivates a small studio to accomplish big things, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year? How can we continue to motivate our team in a way that creates more passion than resentment, more enthusiasm than apathy, more happiness than unhappiness, and more cash than lint balls?

In our opinion, the solution involves a sort of cultural and professional alchemy — a blend of things inclined to deliver a balanced work/life experience for everyone, staffers and clients included. We’re big fans of the “less, but better” approach to work in general, which simply translates into doing the best work, in less time. By default, this means more focused 8-hour days, and 40-ish hour weeks, than it does distracted 12-hour grinds and the subsequent weekend scrambles.

Safe to say we learned this lesson the hard way — most of us were once overworked and underwhelmed by agencies that equated maxing RPMs with going faster. Faster is one thing, but farther is another. Slow and steady wins the race, every time, and setting out in the right direction certainly doesn’t hurt.

This summer we’re taking the concept of “less, but better” one step further. We’re closing the shop for a week in August to give everyone a chance to recalibrate, reconnect with what inspires them, and to prepare for the wave of back-to-school and back-to-reality that follows and continues through the holidays.

Sure, I’ve had to breathe into a brown paper bag a few times, and to console a couple clients who don’t subscribe to the same approach. In the end, we’re committed to culture, and to proving that better performance equals a better payday, on every level.

If you’re inspired, and want to work with us, or for us, we’re here — except for next week.