Hitting the Mark - Teamwork Edition

Hitting the Mark – Teamwork Edition

We all know the timeless adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That statement is also absolutely true in our profession with the cultivation and execution of an idea. We recently created a recipe video for our longtime client [yellow tail]. It was a simple request that we were happy to work with, but it was so much more.

Sure, it was an opportunity to create meaningful dynamic content for our client. But, it was also an opportunity for our team to collaborate in ways that we don’t often get to and to flex our meticulous planning capability. Because the entire squad had goals of perfection, this project was a smooth process from start to finish with all sides extremely happy with the end result.

We started the process (as we always do) with sketches and in this specific case, a storyboard. This is a step that I see often overlooked by others in our field and it seems to be ironically sacrificed in the interest of the speed of execution. Not only did this step allow for proper cultivation of the idea/execution, but it allowed for succinct, yet important conversations among the entire team (including the client) on the best ways to move forward.

Insert our very talented design intern Joe, aka Joseph and our CTO Scott, aka MacGyver 2.0. These gentlemen rolled up their sleeves as I rolled mine down, since I was the one tasked with being the “talent” for the video, and we got to work filming.

Once it was all in the can (so to speak) we set to work editing. It should be noted that the pre-production efforts of our entire team allowed for a quick & easy editing process with only one rough cut presentation to the client. We released the video out in the world to half of a million views, thousands of shares/likes, and one very fantastic email from the client.

The moral of the story is that the dynamic content created for our client was truly due to the dynamos that I get to work with every day. So, hats off to my team of multi-talented superstars. We couldn’t have done it without each other and our belief in measuring 3 times and cutting once.

Dare I say, this was a one take situation? Devotion to the process (and to the team) makes for a better product that can be enjoyed by all.

Thanks for reading, now get out and enjoy a nice winesicle on a hot day! As it happens, I know of a nice recipe video that you could watch right here.