It’s hard to describe how we came to hold Tuesdays in such high regard—how this seemingly non-descript day, wedged in between Monday’s blues and Wednesday’s humps, came to signify the most meaningful of weekdays.

It started with a hire, years ago. I botched his start date, and was left wondering why our brand new programming savior did not show up for work on his first day. The nerve. In truth, he was just following my instructions, and showed up at our office bright and early the next morning: Tuesday.

Since then, we’ve made a point of starting every newbie on a Tuesday. In fact, we’ve made a point of doing most milestone-related things of note on Tuesdays. It’s become part of our internal culture—part mantra, part superstition. Call it what you will, Tuesday is our day.

We’re currently in the process of moving our office from Westport to Bridgeport. It’s a good thing, a long overdue thing. We went and looked at the new space on a Tuesday. Then a few weeks later, we sat down at a long oak table with our soon-to-be-landlord, and signed the new lease. It was Tuesday, August 4th.

What is the point of all this? Is there some cosmic significance to the lunar pull or gravitational alignment that makes this 24-hour period more special than other days? I have no idea. For us, there is something that just works better about Tuesdays. We don’t question it. We just own it—not literally, or legally (we tried, but apparently there is not way to own a day, specifically.)

In our line of work, everything is about meaning, about story. We started telling ourselves the story that Tuesdays mattered, and suddenly they really did. When you act like it matters, people notice. When your brand acts like it matters, people really notice. The best brands are selective about how it matters, and why—all part of the brand platform, and the narrative that consumers connect to.

We come ready to rock on the other days of the week too. But just know that if you arrange an exciting new business meeting, or get hired to work as an MM employee, you’re likely to get an invite for a Tuesday.