Real Estate, the 2017 edition

Real Estate, the 2017 edition

A decade ago, real estate marketing was relatively formulaic, and the approach to selling and leasing was based on the legacy model of pushing product. Nowadays, the focus is on lifestyle, and amenities. We’re offering a way of life that happens to come with a place to live, and lots of other perks. Many of our clients are also long-term property holders, and are focused on constructing sound and sustainable financial futures, while developing successful residential and mixed-use communities. They are thinking about their investments—and what drives long-term success—differently than five or even ten years ago.

So are we. There is something incredibly tangible about branding and marketing a real estate project of any kind. From our extensive discovery process to really understanding what makes a project special for those who will reside there, through to naming, graphic and digital design, copywriting, technical integration, and beyond, we’re crafting a story, and reading it out loud for the right people to hear.

The internet has changed just about everything, especially the way we market real estate. The ability to target potential residents through pay-per-click campaigns, behavioral ads, affiliate networks, and social media is a proverbial psychic hotline of sorts. The technical integration with MLS software platforms, allowing for real-time unit-specific floorplan downloads, availability confirmation, real-time pricing, and inquiry capture and tracking, has inherently extended typical sales and leasing office hours to a 24/7 opportunity.

Another substantial change we’ve seen in real estate has to do with the storytelling itself—there is a level of honesty and ownership the developers now attach to their developments. The financial and even emotional equity invested in connecting potential clients with a home and a lifestyle that suits their needs is real. The same can be said for the impact a property has on a community—from long term economic gains to an attachment to placemaking that goes beyond a quick lease-up or sell-out. No smoke, no mirrors. The discerning consumer is acutely aware of being duped, and their bullshit radar is strong. As it should be. They are not ordering a western omelette, seemingly apathetic about whether the green peppers are really organic. This is their life. This is their home.

In this evolved era of real estate marketing, our job is to reveal a narrative about each project that’s simultaneously honest and aspirational, and best sets the stage for the excitement residents feel in coming home to these properties every day. Every now and then, we might be recognized amongst our industry peers for the creation of a beautifully branded building or a well-designed, user-friendly website—and we’re always grateful for the acknowledgement. But there’s no better measure of a real estate job well done than watching a new community grow and thrive, and knowing we had the chance to help write that story from the ground up.

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