Be Original

Be Original

Everyone wants to be original, right? I do. Everyday I want to make something that is about me creatively, made by me. It’s rather interesting that I ended up in a career where I proudly attempt to make original things about other people.

I love it. I understand it.

The challenge is that it is 2016 and it’s hard to be original. We are constantly bombarded with branding and advertising, marketing, and design content. It is difficult to not take the stance that “it’s all been done before.” However, it hasn’t been done the way that you can do it… or the way that we can do it for you. Our clients come to us for our expertise, our passion, and most importantly our dedication to their passion. We do it well, but it (proudly) took a long road of learning curves, stock photo sites, and evolutions on every social media platform constantly changing the rules of engagement.

What we do for our clients is CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT that ideally only speaks about their brand. Sure, a stock photo of a happy hour is doable (and usable and cheap), but that only describes the very pitfalls and dead ends that we all should try to avoid while creating work for clients.

Take the time, grab a camera, and make something genuine. 12/10 times you will make something that will showcase your client’s brand in that desired, original manner that they strive for, but never know how to make for themselves. It is a simple idea, but it isn’t always easy.

We help our clients brands be the truest extensions of themselves. Sure, we may end up creating something that might be compositionally or even thematically similar to something already out in the Universe, but it will still genuinely tell their story. That’s the work we love the most—genuine storytelling for genuine brands.