Sweet 16

Sweet 16

We turned 16 years old on March 1st! We can drive, almost vote, and rejoice that in this sweet phase of teenage maturity, our agency is almost grown-up. Almost.

All awkward kidding aside, this anniversary is particularly special, because we finally figured out what we wanna do when we’re all grown up. Turns out, we’re already doing it!

The difference is that now we’re doing it for the right reasons, and for the right people. We’ve long since abandoned the fake-it-till-you-make-it philosophy of our earlier years—the scrappy dog being wagged by the same tail young shops can find themselves chasing on a daily basis just to keep clients happy and staffers feeling comfortable with the status quo, often times in vain.

But the future looks bright. We’re organized, confident, and capable. We’re experienced in ways that can only come with a decade and a half worth of failing, trying, and failing again, differently. We’ve moved beyond the archaic belief that success is only found working nights and weekends, or sending one more email. We’re learning it’s all about balance—having fun, doing remarkable work for and with kick-ass people, and getting paid for it. We’re doing it!

A note of thanks to so many, for so much. For those that believed in us long before we were actually believable, and for all the incredible clients who have become part of our modern family. You know who you are, and this goes out to you.

An equally hearty group hug to the tireless crew of dedicated human beings who show up every day and knock socks off. Words cannot accurately describe the level of gratitude I have for your badassery. You’re the ones who are really doing it!

Humbled and happy on this momentous occasion :) Luke