Agency Seeking Developer Soulmate

Agency Seeking Developer Soulmate

Laugh all you want at the title of this post, but the truth is that anyone who knows anything about development and small agencies knows that there is a healthy co-dependency happening between employer and employee.

We’re looking for a purple unicorn. You know, THAT programmer that everyone wants. The one that comes with a heart and brains, that can rock lines of code and rooms of laypeople equally well, and can get the job done with finesse and total perfection. And all with a sense of fun and spontaneity. Like we said, purple unicorn. We know they exist, we have a few. We believe there might be more? Help prove us right.

Like any other hire, it’s a matchmaking thing. We’re in the process of trying to find a suitable partner for our lead technical wizard, our clients, and the rest of us.

Please review the requirements below, and share with anyone who fits the bill, and can work on site. Yes, we said on site. No long-distance relationships for this shop. Harder to admire the unicorn from afar.

Boutique marketing firm looking for a solid gold developer with Some – Lots of years experience. ON SITE WORK REQUIRED.

– Must know PHP / JS / MySQL (LAMP)
– WordPress development, Mobile development
– Ability to develop pixel-perfect designs from Photoshop files to WordPress templates, and other sites
– Develop integrations with third-party APIs
– Develop new components for various CMS structures and analytical tools
– Design for scalability and code efficiency using patterns, class structures, and core programming practices in PHP

We offer an awesome culture and a chance to grow and thrive with our wonderful team. Walk or skate from the train.