One Day I Will Ride a Bike to Work

One Day I Will Ride a Bike to Work

I’ve been saying this for a decade, or more. This week, it came true. Now I can ride a bicycle to work: roughly a mile. This is significant for so many reasons.

Reason Number 1 

I’ve spent over an entire year of my life: every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, for more than 365 total days, in cars and on trains, traversing highways and transferring commuter rails, to get to my office, only to retrace those steps back home.

Reason Number 2

I am in love with Bridgeport. Westport will always be my old faithful, the springboard for so many dreams and so many incredible relationships. However, I cannot deny the butterflies I have for The Park City, or how excited I am to bring 10 new jobs to a downtown that will feel the impact. The cultural vibrations and the heartfelt rebirth of our state’s original innovation hub is something to be seen, and felt. Come see for yourself. The grit is good, and the food is better.

Reason Number 3

All the humans that power our shop live in or around Bridgeport, less one straggler who is soon to follow. We’re bringing the office to the people, as opposed to the reverse. The pile of saved time and less stress will be palpable. Thanks Interstate 95, it’s been real. It’s been fun. But it hasn’t been that fun.

Reason Number 4 

We’re going to have a kick-ass new space on the top of the old YWCA building, on the corner of Elm and Broad, where the steps to Golden Hill and the Cabaret Theatre begin. There’s a quirky elevator, a sprawling view of the city, authentic architectural charm, and our beloved ping-pong table. Thanks to Kuchma Corp for making this possible.

Reason Number 5

I have a brand new bike, and can now ride to work alongside my lovely wife, who also runs an agency downtown (my bike will be faster).

Come see our new digs, check out the fantastic eats, catch a show at the Bijou, and join the ranks of the believers. We’ll leave our extra bike out.