Honey, We're Home!

Honey, We’re Home!

As I look out from my desk, down the sunlit hallway of our new Westport office, I can’t help but feel like we’re “home.”

I grew up on Bridge Street, just over the Saugatuck river. I started washing dishes at Mario’s, as a Bedford 8th grader. I later bagged groceries at Peter’s Market, bussed tables at the “New Ship’s,” folded shirts at Aca Joe, and even docked boats at the Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club. A decade later, after college and a long-enough stint in the vortex of New York City advertising, my partner and I opened our first office on the Post Road, near what used to be Dairy Queen—a favorite haunt of ours during the Staples days (you know who you are).

While many things have changed, many mom and pops long since gone, it is obvious that this little coastal suburb is as charming as ever (especially the Saugatuck part). From businesses to people, tree-lined streets to water views, there are very few places on earth this unique, or special.

Are we jaded? Sure. Can you blame us? Maybe. Regardless, we are proud to be back in town, after almost a decade in South Norwalk. Stop by 20 Ketchum Street and say hello, just go slow, to avoid scraping the underside of your car on the hill.