6 Bronze Years

6 Bronze Years

In May of 2006, a young man by the name of Michael Barnes joined our shop. He brought with him an embossed diploma from Salve Regina, a zippy can-do attitude, a modest background in graphic design, and a low-level food fetish.

Fast forward 6 years, hundreds of projects, a boatload of happy clients, enamored and inspired co-workers, a desk full of creative awards, and the voila: you’ve got yourself one dynamite employee.

Often called “Bronze,” because of his magic touch, Mike is the kind of worker most employers dream about. He is unrelenting in his dedication to design, to pushing the conceptual envelope, and to surpassing client expectations.

Somewhere along the way, after a few thousand lunches and dinners, Mr. Barnes became an official foodie. He’s got a real knack for cooking, a dangerous frying pan, and an obsession with flavor. So we’re happy to have him here, at least until he opens his first restaurant.

Congrats on 6 very happy years, Michael.

Your proud bosses and the entire Madison|Mott crew