Feeling Grateful for Shiny Moments

Feeling Grateful for Shiny Moments

We’re spinning dizzy, on the heels of some heavy metal accolades at last week’s Connecticut Art Director’s Awards. Literally, the awards are made of metal and could be used for all sorts of things, at the very least for some serious bicep curls.

Held in downtown Hartford’s old G. Fox building, the annual celebration of CT creativity marked 40 years of rubbing elbows with and recognizing the state’s best marketing and advertising minds. For agencies like ours, the event is equal parts social, cultural, and professional. Last night’s show was special, for many reasons.

We watched our Creative Director Brian Grabell induct his design idol and former boss Alexander Isley into the Hall of Fame. A hilarious and tender moment, during which Alex was finally able to deliver a reimbursable check for $6.90 to Brian, from 2002. We saw our staffers hustle to and from the podium, to retrieve awards across a multitude of categories, reminding us that we’re not the only ones who like our work.

Having been tapped as the agency to design and market this year’s marquee event, we were also surrounded by the actual fruits of many many months of our creative labor. From the calls for entries, to postcards promoting the show, event posters, an opening video intro, and on and on. Click here to see the awards site.

It was shining moment for me and for us, and an opportunity to truly appreciate the people who have helped our little shop do some substantial things. So much gratitude. We love local, we love Connecticut, and we’re proud to be part of such a remarkable community of humans who care about making cool shit that matters.

One more accolade, to Mr. Michael Barnes and his winning of both gold and silver medals for infamous poster freelance gigs. It’s about time, my friend.

Congratulations to all the winners, all the wonderful work, and all the staffers and clients that allow us to think, create, and get paid for it. So Utopian.