Enjoy the Silence...Not

Enjoy the Silence…Not

We’re told to be silent in the library. We’re told to be silent in class. We’re told to be silent in so many places, but not here. Before working here, one of the top things on my wishlist for a job was to be able to listen to music while working. My wish came true when I first stepped in the doors at MadisonMott – the music was flowing through a kick-ass sound system – then I knew I was home.

We make playlists – one for every need and every mood. We are as passionate about our music as we are about our food. Sometimes the music soothes our soul, sometimes it brightens rainy days, and sometimes it just keeps us pumped through a busy Friday afternoon. Our music has all of our personal flair and flavors combined, and it gives us another opportunity to connect with one another. We exchange our music like it’s still 1989 and we love it.

Have I mentioned we have a record player? Oh yes, we might be a modern shop, but we’re true to our roots – our music comes in vinyl too. Come find us enjoying the simple pleasure of putting a record on, and enjoying the beautiful crackling between tracks – anything from Michael Jackson to The Grateful Dead, we have it all! On top of digital and vinyl sounds, our shop has its own resident musicians. As of last week, we have an office guitar. You never know when you’ll find us jamming!

Why does this matter? The music we listen to is a reflection of the work we do – we pay attention to every genre and every industry, and we never settle for less when it comes to understanding and appreciating the business challenges that come with them. The music gets our creative brains dancing, and we color our clients impressed with the results – delivering projects that are as thoughtfully well crafted, and out of the box as our playlists. We pull from all our mutual histories and our professional expertise in solving our client challenges as a team in the same way we choose the next record – with attentiveness and a hunger for something better.

We work hard, we play hard, and we could not do it without the blissful sounds that are piping through that sound system. Come on in, pick up a guitar, or just pick the next record. You never know what kind of magic might happen.