Moving on up, to the other side of Millennial minions, past the hipster bear traps of Williamsburg, to the center of it all. Welcome to Hobnopolis, a 21 and over playground for those with actual taste in music, the arts, and of course, wine: http://hobnobwines.com

Our new website for HobNob Wines illustrates, quite literally, the lively and urban personality behind one of the nation’s favorite “juices.” In line with the relevant and irreverent personality, we helped establish during the brand’s launch in 2008, the new site boasts a sprawling vertical cityscape, chocked-full of color and character.

Visitors start at the skyline, and can navigate their way down through the local rooftops, to learn about the company and the varietals; then down to street level to nearby wine shops and the store locator. Below ground, is a friendly little speakeasy and the brand’s Guide to Social Mastery, which we developed years ago, and re-purposed for the launch.

Kudos to our resident artist, Mike Barnes, who painstakingly illustrated the entire city, which presents differently on smartphones and tablets, thanks to our programming wizards.

Cheers to all involved, to a kick-ass client, and a super brand! MadisonMott