The Website That Took 15 1/2 Years to Build

The Website That Took 15 1/2 Years to Build

Sure, it sounds like an excessive amount of time to spend developing a website. You’re probably right. Actual spaceships are constructed and launched in far fewer years, bridges erected, even babies are born and raised in less time. The reality is that this version—our sixth overall website—is much more than elaborate coding, pretty pixels, and pithy copy. In our minds, worth the wait.

This is not a story that could have been told until now—we just weren’t ready. This 6.0 version of our online presence is a coming of age project: a blend of our own narrative, and a showcase of our clients’ successes. For the first time ever, we have a site that accurately represents what we really stand for: doing great work for good people.

The catalog of award-winning projects extends back over a decade, running the gamut across a variety of verticals, clients, and deliverables. From our online digital and social work, to branding and strategy, traditional marketing materials, and even some less-common creations, it’s really us. There’s a lot of information about the hearts and souls who make magic happen every day, and the marvelous Saugatuck studio we all call home.

A big thanks to our clients, some of whom have been with us for 15 years, some of whom are brand new. Without you, none of this would be possible. We greatly appreciate all of the work, generosity, and support.

Hats also go off to our incredible crew, who worked tirelessly, in between projects, after hours, and under pressure, to design and develop the site, then to tweak, redesign, and redevelop. It was a cathartic endeavor, with iterative discoveries driving improvements and reminding us that developing websites is a process of self-discovery, not totally dissimilar to building tiny rocket ships, engineering basic bridges, or birthing small digital children.

Poke around, have fun, and keep an eye out for little surprises, like the occasional animated gif (wink wink).

Best, Luke & Crew