Motivating Marsupials - the [ yellow tail ] digital

Motivating Marsupials – the [ yellow tail ] digital “roowards” platform

Back in high-school, my misguided but entrepreneurial friends used to plow through packs and cartons of Marlboros, in an effort to earn points for things like baseball caps, duffel bags, and leather jackets. The best part, was the reconnaissance necessary to pick off the UPS boxes before a parent unearthed the carcinogenic swag, and the fact that their teenager smoked butts. A lot of them.

yellow tail, rewards programThat was our first exposure to any kind of rewards program. Truth is, that was our generation’s first exposure to any kind of rewards program. We’d seen the Ovaltine sham a dozen times, in the movie a Christmas Story, and felt for Ralphie, as he deciphered the results of his hard work, only to find he was being encouraged to “drink more Ovaltine.” But it seemed as though manufacturers had finally figured out how to establish and reward loyalty.

Fast forward twenty years, invent the internet, social media, and one of the best-selling wines on the planet, then throw in some smart marketing and design work, a few thousand lines of code, an amazing distributor and client, and top it all off with charming promotional merchandise. Voila, you’ve got yourself a rewards program for the digital age, appropriately named after the Australian wine-makers Kangaroo logo. Ladies and gentlemen, meet [ roowards ] 2.0.

We’re excited to unveil our (re)launch of the [ yellow tail ] wines rewards platform; a program that touts all sorts of improved functionality, and opportunities to earn points, and prizes. With full Facebook integration, cork redemption, and other evolutions, this puppy, or roo, is ready for action.