Christening the new Hi-Ho

Christening the new Hi-Ho

If you’re local, you know it. You may have even stayed there, back when the rates were hourly and the clientele a bit…loose. We’re not judging.

What we are doing is writing to boast about how incredible the restored hotel is, and how much fun we have had rebranding this iconic pillar of Fairfield County history.

The new Hi-Ho is way more boutique hotel, way less no-tell motel. The inspired room design and tasteful amenities are further complimented by the tapas mecca just steps away. Viva la Barcelona.

We were fortunate enough to be tapped by Ed Gormbley and his crew, and tasked with developing a modern hospitality brand for this legacy landmark.

Heck yes! All day, every day. The fun started right away, with a logo adaptation of the famous sign (the client’s inspired direction). Then we added filaments, and messed with the colors. From there we developed business cards, postcards, pens, pads, promotional pieces, stamps, signage, shot photos, developed social strategies, and much more.

We’re proud of the work we did. We’re also lovers of this CT locale, and big believers in community development and essential placemaking. So for us this job checks every box, like twice. Add to the mix a client who pushes for excellence by empowering people and teams to do what they do. Shaboom!

Thanks to Ed, Fritz, Mike, Ford, Tom, Glenn, Raquel, Rose, Bette, and the Hi-Ho team, for letting us be a part of process, for respecting our opinions, trusting our ideas, being kick-ass clients, and for restoring this loveable gem of a hotel.

Go get a room!