150 Years of Community

150 Years of Community

My father John T. Scott III, my partner Kristen Briner and I opened our agency 13 years ago. It’s hard to imagine that our great great grand children could one day be running the shop. It’s even harder to imagine what the world will be like in 140 years.

These thoughts struck me as I listened to 5th generation business owner and client Sam Gault deliver a moving speech to an intimate crowd of friends, family, and members of the media behind their South Compo barns. The event was held to kick-off the celebration of the family’s 150th year in business, and the addition of the barns to the State Register of Historical Places.

Not surprisingly, Sam attributes his family’s success to his “family,” which includes their 105 employees, their partners, colleagues, and the entire community. Anyone who has spent time in Westport knows the Gaults have an incredibly selfless history of philanthropy.

When Gordon Joseloff, the first selectman of Westport spoke, he expressed the town’s gratitude for the family’s generosity over the last century and a half, and recalled his first run-in (as a kid) with the Gault’s extensive gifting on one of many Little League fields they have funded over the years.

I couldn’t help but be moved myself, by the family gathered before me, who have been supportive of and loyal to our business for almost 12 years. I couldn’t help but be moved while watching a father listening to his son, and then his granddaughter, speak of the family’s rich history, and bright future.

Standing in between my incredible business partner and Mike Barnes (our ace employee of over six years) I couldn’t help but be moved by the sheer enormity of possibility: 13 years down, 137 to go.

A huge congratulations to Bill and Sam, and the entire Gault Family. Cheers to Megan Smith-Gill, Jennifer, Cynthia, and the entire team. You guys rock, and we’re so proud to support all of you.

We just launched a new website to commemorate the family’s milestone, to share their intriguing history, to collect memories from the community, and to provide information about upcoming events—like this summer’s display of Gault family artifacts by the Historical Society.

Check it out @ Gault150.com

Luke, Kristen, and the MM crew